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MikroTik Certified Inter-Network Engineer

Prerequisite: MTCNA

Inter-networking training designed to make you understand and run dynamic routing with BGP (Border Gate-way Protocol)and MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching).

MPLS not only as a replacement for IP routing, but to increase efficiency in large scale area.

Course Outline:


  • What is Autonomous System
  • What is BGP?
  • Path Vector algorithm
  • BGP Transport and packet types
  • iBGP and eBGP
  • Stub network scenarios and private AS removal
  • Non-stub scenarios
  • iBGP and eBGP multihop and loopback usage
  • Route distribution and routing filters +LAB
  • BGP best path selection algorithm
  • BGP prefix attributes and their usage
  • BGP route reflectors and confederations


  • What is MPLS (basics)
  • Static Label Mapping
  • Label Distribution (LDP)
  • What is Penultimate-hop-popping
  • MPLS traceroute differences
  • LDP based VPLS tunnels
  • What is Bridge Split Horizon
  • VPLS Control Word (CW) usage
  • L2MTU importance and MPLS fragmentation
  • BGP based VPLS
  • VRF and route leaking
  • L3VPN (BGP based Layer3 tunnels)
  • OSPF as CE-PE protocol

Traffic Engineering

  • What is traffic engineering and how it works
  • RSVP, Static path, dynamic path (CSPF)
  • Bandwidth allocation and bandwidth limitation differences and settings


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