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Mikrotik Certified Traffic Control Engineer

Prerequisite: MTCNA

This course will provide you with the skills to configure a MikroTik RouterOS as a bandwidth manager for your network, Identify network application with firewall mangle, setup a secured DNS cache/proxy, setup DHCP relay, and deploy a mikrotik-based proxy server.

Course Outline:

Packet flow diagram

  • Why this diagram is necessary?
  • Full overview of all things covered by diagram
  • Simple examples how packet travels through the diagram
  • More complex examples of diagram usage

Firewall filter/nat/mangle

  • Connection tracking
  • Filter
  • NAT
  • Mangle
  • Some complicated rule “conditions” covered
  • uPNP

Quality of Service

  • HTB
  • Burst
  • Queue types
  • Simple queue and queue tree interaction

DNS client/cache

  • DHCP communication analysis
  • DHCP-client identification/ configuration
  • DHCP server configuration

Web Proxy

  • Basic configuration
  • Proxy rule lists
  • Regular expression
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